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Whether you have a small one-off project for your backyard using a few key concrete pieces or you have a major industrial build project with multiple site requirements for high-traffic areas, Knelsen Sand & Gravel is Western Canada’s trusted source for quality precast concrete.

Choose from a range of highly customizable precast options to suit your unique project. Attractive, cost-effective, practical precast solutions for any space, any budget.

Engineered Precast
Concrete Products

Precast Concrete Buildings & Venues
  • Architectural Precast Elements
  • Insulated and Solid Wall Panels
  • Solid Precast Slabs
  • Stadium/Arena – Pre-stressed Bleachers
Bridge Material
  • Alberta Transportation Box Girders
  • Concrete Arches
  • Box Culverts
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Precast Deck Panels
  • Bridge Piers and Abutment Caps
  • Pipe Line Crossing Structures
  • Railway Structural Elements
Natural Resources / Energy & Infrastructure
  • Trenches & Sumps
  • Containment Walls
  • Dike Walls
  • Secondary Containment Structures 
  • Pile Caps and Pipe Racks
  • Compressor Slabs
  • Retaining Walls
  • Blast Resistant Structures
Custom Solutions
  • Architectural & Structural

Standard Precast
Concrete Products

Underground Electrical & Communication
  • Manholes/Vaults & Pull Boxes/Pits
  • Risers & Adapter Rings
  • Cabinet & Switching Cubicle Bases
  • Transformer Bases
  • Light Pole, Traffic & Signal Bases
  • Pedestals, Bollards & Guard Posts
  • Duct Banks & Trenches
  • Cable Trays & Sleepers (Conduit)
  • Solar Panel Bases
Mechanical Materials
  • Sump Tanks & Sump Pump Pits 
  • Manholes / Vaults & Chambers 
  • Pipe Trays & Sleepers (Pipe)
Rail & LRT Materials
  • Crossing Planks
  • Signal & Communication Bases
  • Manhole / Vaults & Pull Boxes
  • Duct Banks & Trenches
Construction Materials
  • Jersey Barriers & TL3 Barriers
  • Low Profile Barriers & Stack Blocks 
  • Pedestals, Bollards & Guard Posts 
  • Parking Curbs & Splash Pads
Natural Resources / Energy & Infrastructure
  • Compressor Pads
  • Pipeline Protection Slabs
  • Pipeline Weights & Pipe Anchors
  • Pipe Racks & Trenches
  • Sleepers (Pipe & Conduit)
Residential Buildings
  • Custom Steps & Decks
  • Stairwells & Window Wells 
  • Standard Steps
  • Garage Beams
  • Concrete & Steel Brackets
Landscape & Park Materials
  • Benches, Tables & Tree Planters 
  • Splash Pads & Boat Ramps
Custom Solutions
  • Architectural & Structural
  • Stair Pads & Ladder Pads
  • Foundation Blocks & Headwalls

Additional Precast
Concrete Products

  • High-Performance Concrete Mix
  • Sulfate Resistant Concrete Mix
  • Custom Concrete Mix
  • Pigmented Concrete Mixes
  • Smooth, Sand Blasted & Exposed Finish

Precast Concrete Services

Installation & Placement Services
  • Step & Deck Installation
  • Manhole & Vault Installation
  • Parking Curb / Curb Stops* (*Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding areas)
    • Delivery
    • Offloading
    • Installation
  • Product Delivery & Offloading
Quality Control Services
  • Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) 
  • Concrete Test Reports
  • Material Test Reports
  • Quality Systems Manual
  • Quality Procedure Manual


Reach out to our team to receive product pricing information for your project needs.

Benefits of Precast

The benefits of precast insulated wall panels include:

Aesthetically Pleasing

choose from a wide range of styles, designs, and colours to customize your project


Superior thermal insulation for buildings and sites of any size or use

Indoor manufacturing

Excellent quality control of precast products to ensure smooth installations and reduced waste

Load Bearing

Ideally suited for industrial, commercial, municipal, or residential applications

Fire and Sound Rated

Top-quality ratings for fire and sound protection


Spend less time and money on maintenance or repairs

Reduced Lifecycle

Lower lifetime costs due to higher durability and decreased upkeep

Quick Installation Year-round

Available to install year-round, ideal for changing environmental conditions and helpful in reducing project timelines

Who We Serve


Our precast concrete products are available to order across Western Canada for a wide range of industries:

Power utility
  • ATCO
  • Enmax
  • Fortis, AB
  • Fortis, BC
  • SaskPower
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • BC Hydro
  • Yukon Electric
Communication utility
  • Telus
  • Shaw
  • Bell
  • SaskTel
  • City of Calgary
  • City of Edmonton
  • City of Lethbridge
  • City of Red Deer
  • City of Medicine Hat
  • City of Saskatoon
  • City of Regina
  • Alberta Transportation

Featured Projects

See below for examples of our precast products used in recent client projects


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