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Knelsen’s portable ready-mix plants offer a versatile solution for remote and demanding projects. Our portable plants provide on-site production of high-quality ready-mix, eliminating the need for extensive trucking and delivery wait times.

Save Time

  • save time on delivery
  • save time on scheduling
  • save time with on-site mix adjustments

Short term, Long term

  • our portable plants can operate for days, months, or even years in remote locations


  • we provide all the necessary personnel for the ready-mix plant, no matter the size or time of year.

Who We Serve

Knelsen has an extensive

inventory of portable plants

that have a proven track record

of successfully performing work throughout Western Canada,

Yukon, and NWT.

For inquiries please reach out to our Business Development Manager – Darin FalkĀ  darinf@knelsen.com or (587)582-9333


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