Street and Subdivision Construction & Paving

These contracts are often completed with the help of one or a few subcontractors.

Once the proposed site has been surveyed and we have been awarded the project, construction starts with the removal of the top soil where streets and sidewalks are located and excavation to install utilities and storm sewer and construction of compacted street grade is carried out. We may do the underground and foundation ourselves or subcontract that portion of the construction to a third party contractor. Cement Stabilized Sub-grades are sometimes required as the type of soil or conditions of the sub-grade are not conducive to packing or won’t remain stable for the years to come. This creates a thick, solid, stabilized foundation for the street. In areas of aged infrastructure, a Street Rehabilitation may be required. We will be required to remove the old asphalt and the old Granular Base and install a Geo-textile Fabric on top of the clay foundation.

We then cap the clay foundation with a Compacted Granular Base of 2-20 aggregate to thicknesses and specifications as per the engineered site plans. Most often the granular base is manufactured by our aggregate division.

The sidewalks are then installed by a subcontractor that specializes in forming and installing concrete sidewalks and most often Knelsen Sand and Gravel Ltd concrete division supplies the concrete.

Then, our asphalt plant manufactures a specified Hot Mix Asphalt mix using a blend of aggregate we manufacture ourselves and our paving crew caps the street with the Asphalt mix and its compacts according to the requirements specified in the engineered site plan.