Parking Lot Construction & Paving

Once the proposed parking lot area has been engineered and surveyed, the top soil is removed and the area is either sloped to allow for water drainage or a storm sewer system that connects to an existing street system is installed. If the engineer’s plan requires a storm sewer system to be installed, then the contour of the area is constructed and compacted to allow snow melt and rain fall to run into the storm sewer rather than to a particular side of the lot. We will either perform this part of the construction ourselves or subcontract it out to a third party contractor.

We then cap the area with a Compacted Granular Base of 2-20 aggregate to specifications required by the engineers design. Most often our Aggregate Division manufactures the Granular Base Material.

Aggregate we manufacture ourselves and our paving crew caps the street with the Asphalt mix and its compacts according to the requirements specified in the engineered site plan.