Overlay Paving

This very often requires removal of several centimeters of the existing asphalt surface or as a minimum, several centimeters of existing surface at any joints to be made at the boundaries of the contracted work area. Often when carrying out an overlay, the pitch of the shoulder of the road is changed requiring fill dirt to be added to the shoulder to lessen the pitch.

In order to bond the new Hot Mix Asphalt to the existing surface, emulsion tack oil is applied. Then, our asphalt plant manufactures a specified hot asphalt mix using a blend of bitumen and aggregates that we crush ourselves. A paving crew places and compacts the asphalt mix according to the specified, engineered design.

Overlay paving requires our highest capacity asphalt plants and equipment as conditions are very often conducive to high productivity. Often, paving can resume as little as a couple hours after a rain fall.